How is the cost breakdown for developing a mobile game

Dear Mobile Games Developer,

You’ve asked about the cost breakdown for developing a mobile game. Let’s delve into this topic and provide you with valuable insights to help you plan your project effectively.

1. Pre-production: Conceptualization & Planning (~5% of total budget)

Pre-production is the initial stage where ideas are born, and the foundation for a successful game is laid down. This phase includes defining the concept, creating a prototype, and planning the production pipeline. This process typically consumes around 5% of your total budget.

2. Production: Art & Design, Programming, and Audio (~70% of total budget)

Production is where the actual game development takes place. Artists create visual assets, designers design levels and user interfaces, programmers write code, and audio engineers compose music and sound effects. This stage usually accounts for approximately 70% of your overall budget.

3. Testing & Quality Assurance (~15% of total budget)

Testing and quality assurance are crucial to ensure that your game is free from bugs, glitches, and other technical issues. This phase includes playtesting, usability testing, compatibility testing, performance testing, and localization testing. Allocate around 15% of your budget for this purpose.

4. Marketing & User Acquisition (~10% of total budget)

Marketing and user acquisition are essential to get the word out about your game and attract a large player base. Social media campaigns, influencer collaborations, app store optimization, and paid advertising are some popular methods for acquiring users. Allocate around 10% of your budget towards marketing efforts.

5. Maintenance & Updates (~5% of total budget)

Last but not least, regular maintenance and updates are crucial to keep your game running smoothly and engaging players. This includes fixing bugs, addressing compatibility issues, and implementing new features based on user feedback. Set aside around 5% of your budget for post-launch maintenance and updates.


In summary, the cost breakdown for mobile game development consists of pre-production (5%), production (70%), testing & quality assurance (15%), marketing & user acquisition (10%), and maintenance & updates (5%). Keeping these percentages in mind while planning your project can help you allocate resources effectively and ensure a successful outcome.

We hope this information helps answer your query, dear Mobile Games Developer.