What are the best mobile game design templates available for creating a new game

Starting the development process of a new mobile game is an exciting endeavor! With numerous templates available, choosing the best one can significantly impact your project’s success. In this response, we will discuss some top design templates that mobile games developers should consider when creating a new game.

1. Unity Asset Store Templates

Unity, a popular game engine, offers an extensive Asset Store filled with templates catering to various mobile game genres. These templates are pre-built projects containing game mechanics, levels, and user interfaces. For instance, the "Infinite Runner Template" can help you create a fast-paced, endless running game, while the "2D Platformer Template" is suitable for creating side-scrolling games.


These templates save time by providing developers with ready-to-use solutions and can serve as excellent learning tools.


The “Endless Runner Template” comes with a simple, addictive gameplay mechanic where the player must jump over obstacles to avoid falling behind. By modifying this template, you can create unique games such as “Temple Run” or “Subway Surfers.”

**2. Godot Engine Templates**

Godot is an open-source game engine with a growing community of developers contributing templates for various mobile games. These templates cover different genres and provide starting points for creating 2D and 3D games. For example, the “Platformer Template” can help you create side-scrolling platformers or action games.


Godot templates offer flexibility and customizability as they are open-source, allowing developers to learn from the codebase.


The “Platformer Template” comes with a built-in physics engine and basic user interface elements like menus and HUDs. Developers can modify this template to create their unique platforming game.

**3. Construct 3 Templates**

Construct 3 is a visual programming tool designed for creating 2D games without the need for coding. It offers templates covering different genres such as action, adventure, platformer, and more. These templates provide developers with ready-made game components and mechanics to build upon.


Construct 3 templates simplify the development process by providing a drag-and-drop interface for designing games, making it an excellent choice for beginners or those without coding experience.


The “Platformer Template” in Construct 3 comes with built-in character movement, platform collision detection, and user interface elements like menus and HUDs. Developers can modify this template to create their unique platforming game.


When creating a new mobile game, choosing the right design template can help developers save time and resources while providing a solid foundation for their project. Unity Asset Store templates, Godot Engine templates, and Construct 3 templates are excellent options for various types of mobile games and skill levels.